2007 jeep compass life expectancy

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2007 jeep compass life expectancy

If you feel you have received this message in error, please view our customer care FAQs or access your account information here. Sign In. Become a Member. Remember Me. Not a member? Need further assistance? Please call Member Services at Unlock Ratings. New Used Jeep Compass Change Vehicle. Pronounced engine and road noise, lack of agility, as well as poor interior fit and finish plague it. However, the smooth continuously variable transmission CVT helps Compass get good fuel economy, the ride is decent and the interior has some unusual features.

There are 5 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More. Overall Reliability. View Recalls. Worse Better. Overall Reliability Verdict. Engine Major.

2007 jeep compass life expectancy

Engine Minor. Engine Cooling. Transmission Major. Transmission Minor. Drive System. Fuel System. Electric System. Climate System. Body Integrity. Body Hardware.The Jeep Compass is the urban version of Jeep. What issues have consumers experienced with Jeep Compass and what year models? Of all the Jeep Compass models, the models had the most complaints and problems according to CarComplaints.

One of the top issues was centered around the suspension. The problem usually surfaced before the vehicle reached 60, miles. A Compass owner from Pennsylvania explained that they starting hearing an unusual sound from the vehicle when turning. Then their Compass started pulling to the passenger side. They were grateful that no serious injury happened and had the vehicle towed in for repair.

There were also several complaints about totally integrated power module failure in the models. TIPM issues are normally centered around batteries or fuel.

The signs show up as a sporadic or total failure of power door locks, the fuel pump, windshield wipers and more. One Compass owner from New York remarked that their dashboard was populated with what they called Christmas lights. They missed work because of the problems, had to pay for towing, and were astounded by the repair bill. The windshield wipers would turn themselves on and off or not work at all. The automatic transmissions that can seamlessly shift through a continuous range of effective gear ratios, were overheating.

One Compass owner in Virginia explained that the CVT transmission continually overheated when temperatures were high or they were on longer interstate drives. The problem, they further explained, could be a dangerous one in high-speed traffic situations as the car will stop accelerating unpredictably.

Their local dealership had been unable to find the problem. A Colorado Jeep Compass owner found when they drove at speeds of to miles per hour on the highway, the vehicle made strange sounds before losing the ability to maintain its speed. A warning light flashed to indicate the transmission had overheated prompting them to pull off the road.

They were instructed by their local dealership to let the vehicle sit off for 15 minutes and then try again. When they did this, the problem started up again five miles down the road.

It was caused by an electronic lockup of the wireless control module WCM. Failure of this module causes the remote keyless entry system to be rendered useless. Repairs involve replacing the WCM.

Jeep Compass Review - 2007-2014 - 1st Gen

From the models through the models and more, there were front and rear roof leaks. The problem seemed centered around the roof ditch and sunroof.The Jeep Compass is a decent package but comes up short in terms of design and power when compared to the leading small SUVs in this price range. For many people, small, car-based SUVs represent an ideal choice for a primary vehicle. Smaller in size and more comfortable than traditional SUVs, yet more stylish than hatchbacks and wagons, they are very popular with younger buyers living in urban environments.

ForJeep, a brand not traditionally known for catering to this type of buyer, finally has an entry in the market segment: the Compass. The Jeep Compass is indeed a car-based small SUV that places an emphasis on on-road comfort rather than off-road capability.

Like the Liberty, the brand's more familiar small SUV, the Compass utilizes a unibody structure, and the two are about the same in terms of overall length. The Compass differs by way of its fully independent suspension and an optional 4-wheel-drive system that normally operates as front-wheel drive for improved fuel efficiency and lacks low-range gearing. Much of its underlying hardware is also used for the Dodge Caliber, the all-new Jeep Patriot and, to a lesser extent, the Mitsubishi Outlander.

Jeep has attempted to differentiate the Compass primarily through styling. It features the brand's traditional seven-slot grille and round headlamps as well as more modern design elements, such as standard inch alloy wheels. It also has a bit more ground clearance than the Caliber, larger approach and departure angles and a special feature for the optional automatic 4-wheel-drive system "Freedom Drive I" that allows the driver to lock torque between the front and rear wheels for improved traction during off-road situations.

It's comfortable, generally satisfying to drive, set up pretty nicely with features and doesn't cost that much to get off the dealer lot.

But keep in mind that its off-road capabilities are slight. If you're really planning on hitting the trail in a new Jeep, buy a Wrangler or Liberty. At this point, you'll probably realize that the Compass comes up short in terms of cargo space, interior refinement and power.

There are two trim levels: Compass Sport and Compass Limited. The Sport is rather basic. It has inch alloy wheels, an easy-to-clean cargo load floor and a CD player with an MP3 jack, but air-conditioning, power windows and mirrors, keyless entry, cruise control and some enhanced interior lighting features are all optional.

You get these as standard on the Limited as well as inch wheels, leather seating, heated front seats and an auto-dimming rearview mirror. Main options, depending on trim, include all-terrain tires, a sunroof, a six-disc CD changer, satellite radio, a premium Boston Acoustics speaker system and Bluetooth connectivity.

The Compass comes standard with a 2.

The Most Common Jeep Compass Problems You Should Know About

A 5-speed manual transmission is standard and a continuously variable transmission CVT is optional. Two drive configurations are offered: front-wheel drive or automatic 4-wheel drive. On front-drive Sport models only, a 2. However, with only hp, this engine certainly won't make your Compass any faster.

Four-wheel-drive models operate in front-wheel drive in normal situations and automatically and seamlessly apply power to the rear wheels when needed.It's just the perfect size for an SUV and the gas mileage is great. I couldn't be more pleased. The ride is so smooth, as well as the CVT transmission. I think all the Compass haters need to go drive one before they make their final judgment.

I didn't like it at first; one test drive is all it took! Was looking for a car for the wife. Leaning towards the Liberty, liked the look etc. From what I had heard Compass had no go. Test drove the Liberty then the Compass.

The minute I drove the Compass knew it was the car she would enjoy. SUV look, had plenty of get up and go, plus the ride was so much better than the Liberty.

It was what she wanted and is a lot more than I expected. Only options we got were the automatic, Drivers Convenience Group recommendedthe E Package power windows etc.

The car drives great, plenty of room, zips down the freeway. Everything we wanted and more for a great price. This car is really amazing and I love the fuel economy. It has some zip in the city and fun in the mountains.

I owned a Honda Element for 3 years and sold it and bought this dandy of a vehicle. It rides great and feels like a car, yet has the room and comfort of a expensive SUV. This is the first jeep I have ever owned. Purchased it 3 years ago used with 43, miles on it. He had only had it for 2 years and all problems seemed to have started once it became mine, go figure!

It has been in the shop more than ANY other vehicle I have ever owned. I have had front end work done multiple times, ball joints tie rods etc I have been told that framework on rear end is completely shot. Rusted out and unsafe to drive. I live in upstate NY and am use to driving in horrible winter conditions and because of frame problems I have handling issues and slide all over the place on roads with even the tiniest amount of snow on them while going 20mph!!

From my research, all of these problems are typical of this vehicle and it looks like the most expensive fix is going to be the current framework problem. Don't be as stupid as I was!!!!!! In the shop more than the road, total money pit! I fully understand the risks of buying a used car, but like most people can't possibly afford to buy a new car. This is by far the worst car I have ever owned. Had to replace the alternator a few months later.

I'm pretty mechanically inclined and usually work on my own vehicles, generally if I don't know how to fix something I can figure it out.G A answered 6 years ago. Very good question, I've seen them go bad at 85K with tranny troubles and engine failures then I've seen others that have close to K without a problem, maintenance plays a big role in the life of a vehicle these days.

So if it has been meticulously maintained chances are it will run a long time. GuruZSM4S answered 2 years ago. G A answered 2 years ago. I would say walk away unless they have all the maintenance records from when it was new, and then you might consider it if some of the common failures have already been fixed. GuruD7RJP answered 2 years ago. GuruXLYM7 answered about a year ago. I have done all recalls, trailer hitch and rear control arms.

Radiator, water pump, one coil, ac low pressure sensor, ac coil. Rear diff seal and rear window regulators.

Authentic Jeep's like to make noise. GuruX81DC answered about a year ago. Changed the alternator, AC compressor and of course a couple of batteries.

He said would last a long time if I kept the oil changed. I change every My jeep liberty limited hasmiles an the most expensive thing I did was put now drive shaft in atmiles but nothing else expect brakes and thing like that. How about a jeep liberty with k miles on it 3 owners and no service records from last owner and they had it 3 years.

G A answered about a year ago. GuruLB answered about a year ago.

2007 jeep compass life expectancy

GuruHGF7S answered about a year ago. Zach answered 11 months ago. GuruKW3FC answered 10 months ago. My jeep liberty had owners before me. It looked in perfect condition. Then about a year after driving it [I put 30, miles on it], now it has aboutmiles, started with oil leak recently.

Loss of engine power. Then recently motor completley crapped out. Putting a brand new motor in it. Every car you ever have is going to have issues, be prepared.

GuruKCDX9 answered 10 months ago. I have a jeep liberty withPossibly the best vehicle I have ever owned. It just keeps going and going. Now I have replaced alot of things over the years, and now some twice but this thing will not die! Twixler answered 10 months ago. My just hit k I actually purchased a new car in April. I am selling new car because my jeep wont die and frankly I love driving it. I see a lot of liberties well over k and for sale.More about him here.

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whats the average mile life of a liberty before you have to start putting in big $

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2007 Jeep Compass Review

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