Cebu maritime training center

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cebu maritime training center

Operations in all How to Verify Tagged Certificates. Training certificates issued from January onwards bear security tags as one of the training cen Provide your SRN during registration of training courses. The Basics of Basic Training. Since working at sea comes with certain dangers, seafarers must know how to keep themselves safe and how to handle any emergency that may come up while on-board.

If you are an aspiring seafarer, getting certifi Since working at sea comes with certain dangers, seafarers must know how to keep themselves safe and We, at PNTC Colleges, are committed to provide consistent quality services to our customers compliant with relevant requirements. We ensure that our services exceed both industry standards and client specifications. We are likewise committed, not only to continual improvement in order to realize the provisions of Quality Education and Quality Trainings and Assessment Services.

The Basics of Basic Training Since working at sea comes with certain dangers, seafarers must know how to keep themselves safe and how to handle any emergency that may come up while on-board.

News and Updates. Featured Facilities. Copyright All Rights Reserved. Follow us.Del Pilar St. Dangerous, Hazardous and Harmful Cargoes 2. Cargo Handling and Care of Cargo 3. Agoncillo St. Ship Security Officer 3. Medical Emergency First Aid 5. Medical Care 6. Dangerous, Hazardous and Harmful Cargoes 7. EDNA L. Ocampo Sr. Arellano Sts, Manila Telefax:— 13 loc. Ship Security Officers 2. Salas St. Ermita, Manila Tel. Malate Manila Tel.

Medical Emergency First Aid 2. Medical Care Expiration of Accreditation 16 March 4. Radar Simulator 6. Ratings Forming Part of an Engineering Watch 8. Engine Room Simulator 9. Dangerous, Hazardous and Harmful Cargoes Cargo Handling and Care of Cargo Ship Security Officers Ship Simulator and Bridge Teamwork Basic Training 2.

Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats 3. Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boats 4. Medical Care Expiration of Accreditation: 25 September United Nations Ave. Dangerous, Hazardous and Harmful Cargoes 4. Medical Emergency First Aid 6. Medical Care Expiration of Accreditation: 22 July Paredes St. Medical Emergency First Aid 3. Medical Care Expiration of Accreditation: 05 September 4.

Radar Simulator Basic Training Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats Advanced Training in Fire Fighting Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boats METC is the preferred source for recruitment by 40 international and local shipping companies and other manning agencies.

The Norwegian Shipowners Association is a model for assimilation and loyalty to the company culture even before going onboard. NSA scholars room in the same dormitory in the campus and are supervised by a dorm-master and project manager who strictly administer company policies.

Aside from company sponsored funding for tuition and lodging, NSA scholars are assured a spot onboard their vessels plying international routes. This model results in graduates who are loyal to the company and its culture. It's not only the teachers however who assume a part in the historical backdrop of a special education in this nation.

Excuse me sir can i ask a question Besides, I have been a standard customary education teacher who showed consistent education incorporation classes endeavoring to make sense of how to best function with some new specialized curriculum teacher in my class and his or her custom curriculum understudies also.

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Welcome to Maritech Maritime Training, Studies and Manning Services Inc.

How much the tuition of Bs marine transfortation of UC?? Available na po ba yung bridging program, bs mechanical engineering to bs marine engineering?. Umm is the studyload very important for an upcoming 1styear in bsmt? Because i've just lost it. How can i get another 1?

cebu maritime training center

What number of taught individuals are genuinely monetarily effective? Most graduates battle all through life to make a decent living, however without much of any result.

Biblical Eschatology. Thank you very much. Why is that some instructors are not considerate enough? They don't consider the student efforts. Even though the student done a lot, but, why is that she does not consider the student's effort.The campus is located in Alumnos Mambaling.

The school does not only cater to local students but foreign students as well. Currently, there are Nigerian Scholars studying and housed in the campus. May i ask what is the requirements to enroll maritime courses? Need fast reply. I would like to ask how much is BT training and when is the schedule and what are the requirements? How much are the following courses and when will be the schedule of classes?

Basic Training 2. Crowd Management 4. Crisis Management. Hi there! May I know when is your schedule for crowd and crisis management? Maritime Training Center. Unknown April 09, Philip Mailani May 03, Unknown May 15, BossJek June 11, Erdy June 26, Unknown June 30, Blackmage July 24, Unknown August 10, Unknown September 24, Unknown October 14, Unknown October 15, Unknown October 17, Unknown November 06, Unknown November 19, Unknown November 21, Unknown November 26, Unknown December 02, Unknown December 06, Unknown January 19, Shiela January 24, Unknown January 28, Unknown January 29, Unknown February 10, Unknown February 16, Unknown February 22, Your experience and contribution will play a major role in the future development and growth of the company.

Similarly, the company will strive to provide you with the best training and services, career opportunities and we guarantee to provide customer satisfaction results to our clients. We are not only aiming to be the best Cebu Maritime Training Center as well as nationwide. We hope you will enjoy your experience with Philasia Maritime and we wish you the very best in navigating with us.

We value our people and believe that people are our best assets, so we offer a range of competitive salaries, employee-friendly policies, rewards, and benefits.

Philasia Maritime

We provide challenges and opportunities to grow. Working with Philasia Maritime is never dull; the employee can look forward to a challenging yet rewarding career with us. We offer an attractive reward scheme thru rebates with minimum quota. Our Mission is to achieve a high standard of training services in a comfortable learning environment; generate qualified trainees in compliance with the National Regulatory Requirements with enhanced customer satisfaction.

Our Corporate Vision is to maintain a high standard of training services. To offer a wide range of training courses with the aim of becoming the leader of training and service provider in the Maritime Industry. We guarantee to provide Customer Satisfaction results from a Motivated Workforce.

Innovate our product and services to achieve operational excellence. Ensure our work is consistent with our commitment to comply with the requirements based on ISO All Rights Reserved. Toggle navigation Philasia Maritime.

Company Objectives : To be the epitome of training centers not only in the Philippines but in the world. To be able to not only fulfill but surpass the minimum requirements as prescribed by the STCW Conventions of International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping for Seafarers,as amended in To be the best Cebu Maritime Training Center as well as nationwide.Plan and book your training requirements in advance and get significant discount.

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The Best Maritime School - University of Cebu METC

Verify your training certificate with us using our tried and tested online certificate verification. Be Legit! NEWSIM is a Filipino owned corporation whose goal is to provide modern facilities for advanced maritime upgrading of skills and assessment of competence for seafarers.

Over the years, we have had the privilege of training thousands of mariners. Today, we boast of twenty three 23 navigational bridges, twenty four 24 propulsion plant workstations, integrated with ECDIS and AIS scattered and distributed nationwide in our branches.

We serve the seafarers nationwide as we set up our simulator facilities in the cities of Makati, Bacolod, Iloilo, Cebu and Davao. The new generation of seafarers are dedicated, hard working, well trained and competent. All seafarers that train here shall be blessed with the courage to be righteous and assertive and shall always be guided into safe voyages across the seven seas. C ustomer focus — we should give more attention to the needs of our client.

I nnovation and improvement of products and systems — we continually upgrade to the latest innovations available in the market. Commitment to quality — high quality standards of training is our flagship.

Employee recognition — we recognized outstanding employees regularly for their performance. Teamwork collaboration, shared decision making within and between divisions — always work as a team being a member of the NEWSIM family.

Constructive criticism is always welcome and see it as an opportunity for our continuous improvement. Integrity, honesty, and ethical behavior — the quality of being honest and have strong moral principles.

Always do the right thing in a reliable way and recognize the difference between right and wrong. Consistently strive to set an example of good conduct. Without profitability the business will not survive in the long run. In order to serve better our clients, we will continue to expand our presence in strategic locations across the Philippines and beyond if situation permits, innovate competitively with new ideas, continuously upgrade our facilities and equipment, more partnerships with other institutions and more courses to offer.

Online Reservation Soon! Certificate Verification Verify your training certificate with us using our tried and tested online certificate verification. Exam Schedules Checking exam schedules on Marina. Message from our CEO. Always remember and put into practice our values: C ustomer focus — we should give more attention to the needs of our client.About Us.

We continue to upgrade the proficiency of our instructors, assessors and our academic staff. We keep our training facilities and equipment up to date with any technical developments.

We strive to protect the interest of our clients, employees, and suppliers, upholding our corporate responsibility. We aim to implement the policies and regulations in our Quality Management System, enabling work to become practicable and efficient. We continue our endeavor to be the leader in providing excellent training to the Filipino seafarers.

We are committed to: Conducting research in the quest for innovations in the continuing education of seafarers. Building the professional qualifications of our instructors and upgrading the training facilities and equipment.

Empowering the Filipino seafarers to be the BEST in the world, with these qualities: B old confidence to lead and to manage. E xceptional knowledge of national and international maritime codes of conduct. S afety awareness for the passengers, crew and cargoes. T ough decision-making under pressure.

TMTCP works in conjunction and cooperation with these accredited organizations, allowing for the professionalization, standardization, protection, and constant improvement of the maritime industry in the Philippines.

The Philippine Regulation Commission is responsible for the administration, implementation and enforcement of regulatory policies on the regulation and licensing of various professions and occupations under its jurisdiction. The Association of Maritime Education and Training Institutions in Asia-Pacific is a regional association of maritime training institutions to support the objectives of the International Maritime Organization IMOto foster cross-border co-operation and to improve the quality of maritime training and education.

cebu maritime training center

TMTCP comes fully equipped with all the facilities necessary to conduct comprehensive and functional trainings. We are committed to incorporate top-tier equipment to ensure the conduct of safe, secure and systematic education for all our students.

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