High pitched beep in house

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. Can anyone help? I keep hearing a 3 second high pitched beep but can't quite tell where it is coming from n our lounge where our home theatre system is, i.

There are a couple of cable connector boxes behind the system also. I thought it was our fire detectors but I took out the batteries and I could still hear this beep lasting about 3 seconds every 15 minutes.

I unplugged the power for the TV and waited 15 minutes - I could still hear the beep. I unplugged the router - still could hear the beep. I unplugged the Foxtel box - still could hear the beep. I unplugged the receiver - still heard this annoying beep. Any ideas? Thanks John in Canberra, Australia.

The only thing I have ever heard of making the high pitched beep at intervals is fire or house alarms. If you have a dead battery in your fire alarm it will go straight to its backup power and beep. Given the pitch and the proximity to the ceiling and how well the sound echoes it can drive you nuts.

The thing is most of the time these alarms are all installed at the same time. So if you try to figure out which one it is and which battery to replace, well you are doing the same thing a week from now. And we all know that batteries only die between AM. Some carbon monoxide detectors have a warning beep when the unit reaches it's end-of-life point.

This is because of the limited lifetime of the detector, and is independent of any low-battery warning.

Hearing Frequencies- A Sign of Spiritual Awakening Or A Serious Medical Condition?

It cannot be switched off; you need to replace the unit Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. High pitched beep in house every 15 minutes [duplicate] Ask Question. Asked 5 years ago. Active 4 years, 11 months ago. Viewed 25k times. Are your smoke alarms hard wired? If so, they may be beeping because the batteries are out of them. Other source of beeping at least for me are my uninterruptable power supplies. If you have any of those, I'd check them too.

But you see the theme -- it's most likely a dead battery in something. Do you have a Carbon Monoxide detector anywhere?

This is likely near the floor, not on the ceiling. This sounds like one of those hidden beeper pranks to me. Active Oldest Votes. DMoore DMoore FAQ on Coronavirus and Mefi : check before posting, cite sources; how to block content by tags.

What the hell is causing that beeping?

Is there anything in electrical wiring or plumbing that could possibly make this noise? Has anyone else had this happen? It's driving us insane. Lots of thoughts and a similar story here in the blue, which links to a guy who had been trying to solve his mystery beeping for a year. How do you get by without owning an alarm clock? Do you have any enemies? I can't remember where I read about it on the net, but there was some guy who lived with an unexplained beep in his house for about two years and discussed it on an online forum.

Finally, people came over to his house to help him diagnose it, and they found an old smoke detector in his couch-side table drawer that was beeping. I wish I could find the link. I'm not coming to your house unless you give me beer. Damn live preview. My smoke detectors continue beeping after I've disconnected them from their sockets, removed their batteries, and thrown them in the cellar for a month.

I had a battery-powered LCD alarm clock in my studio that started intermittently beeping when it's battery went way low towards dead. Do you have any old wristwatches or clocks stashed away in a drawer somewhere? Is the sound coming from your ductwork? I understand some of the electronic air filters release an audible signal when the filter needs cleaned.

I have the exact same thing happen to me I'll hear a faint beeping, exact same tone and frequency as my son's digital alarm clock. While I haven't asked them, you'd think they'd say something about it.

Beep, beep- Anyone been hearing weird beeps in their home or elsewhere?

So maybe it's a case of you and your GF both hearing things? Yeah, I've got the same beep. Inaudible during the day, but when the house is quiet and my head is near the wall, I can hear the sound of an alarm clock faintly beeping from somewhere. It's like something from a Poe story. I have no solution, but I'll be playing the home version right along with you if anybody gives a solution. The one time I had this problem, it turned out to be an electronic stopwatch buried in my closet.Need support for your remote team?

Check out our new promo! Select all Open in new window. IT issues often require a personalized solution. Why EE? Get Access. Log In. Web Dev. NET App Servers. We help IT Professionals succeed at work. Unexplained chirping noise every 34 seconds in our house. Josh Swenson asked. Medium Priority. Last Modified: We first thought the noise was from our smoke alarms.

After three weeks of having every one of them In a bucket in the garage, we concluded the chirping noise has nothing to do with our smoke alarms.

We have no carbon monoxide detectors. We have nothing plugged into any wall plug that we haven't unplugged and temporarily removed, like our computer, lights, radio. We have turned off our main breaker twice for three hours at a time, but the chirp keeps on chirping. Two thirds of the time it sounds like it is coming from an area of the ceiling close to where the smoke alarm is, even for the month we had removed the smoke alarm. One third of the time the sound moves a bit about. We have had our science minded friends over, they are stumped too.Sound heard in multiple rooms at different times.

Hello, guys! New to the forum. I had such a strange experience last night that I felt compelled to find a forum and ask if anyone else had ever had a similar experience and perhaps offer insight into the possible cause.

So last night, I was laying in bed around 11 pm, completely awake still. I did have the TV on. No cell phones were in the room with me and my husband. His tablet was next to the bed, but it was off and he doesn't get notification on it anyways.

I heard what sounded like a notification sound of different beeping tones with about 4 or 5 beeps total. It was a sound I have never heard in my house and I'm sure it wasn't coming from the TV. We have a rather large room and it was coming from the sitting area of my room where we have a small gym set up. It sounded like someone was standing over there and their phone set off a notification.

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I got up to check and see if perhaps there was something over there that would make that sound, but there was nothing. Double checked our cell phones and they were all way outside of our room. I should also mention that we sleep with a fan on a regular fan and a ceiling fan for added white noise so there is no way I would have been able to hear a sound like that if it was coming from outside our door anyways. I got back in bed and sort of forgot about it as it didn't happen again, but for sure it was strange.

So this morning when my son woke up, he said he heard a very strange sound in his room about 4 in the AM. He stays up very late so he was completely awake, not even in bed. I asked him what it was and he said it sounded like a phone notification, but it wasn't anything he had ever heard either.

He even checked all the notifications on his phone and it could not be duplicated. When I asked him what it sounded like, I realized it was the same exact sound I had heard around 11 pm. We both only heard it once. I'm not sure I'm convinced it paranormal, but I will say we have had many strange things happen in our home over the years.

high pitched beep in house

What is also strange is that whenever something happens to me, I can almost guarantee that one of my two kids have had a similar experience that night. So this was in keeping with past occurrences, just strange that it was an electronic sound. Anyone ever had something like this happen?

Not super freaked out about it or anything, just thought it was strange. I think my son is freaked out more than anything. Just wondering,you mentioned the sound seemed like it was coming from an area near where you have a small gym setup Do you have any kind of electronic equipment treadmill,exercise bikes,ect. We used to have a treadmill, but had to get rid of it as it broke. Right now there is only a weight bench and weights over there. Nothing electronic or that makes any noise. Yes, it definitely wasn't that.

That makes a very specific high pitched tweeting sound and keeps going off til you change the battery. It did actually go off a few weeks ago, so it has a new battery in it. It was like 4 or 5 consecutive beeps, all a bit different in tone. Pretty loud too because I heard it over the TV and the floor fan pretty well.Yes, but not always.

So, before I get to that, I do want to mention that there are many physical explanations for ringing in your ears or hearing high pitched vibrations. Tinnitus is a medical condition that is well known to cause ringing in the ears.

Ringing or buzzing in the ears could also be caused by things like damage to the ear drum, a buildup of earwax, ear infection, a vitamin D deficiency, and really a variety of other completely physical based reasons. Certain prescription medications actually list ringing in the ears as a potential side effect as well. In addition, many electronics emit high-pitched frequencies that some people are naturally more sensitive to than others.

It has been scientifically proven that children and teenagers can hear higher pitched sounds than adults, but some adults retain better hearing longer.

Learn more about what spiritual awakening actually means here. As you raise your vibration and progress on your ascension path, you begin to tune into the higher vibrational realms. Your subtle and psychic senses open, and you become more aware of all that is happening beyond the limited scope of what you can normally perceive with your physical senses. While this is all amazing, there may be a bit of an adjustment period where you experience sensations, or even symptoms like lightheadedness, tingling, interrupted sleep patterns, or even hearing vibrations, high-pitched frequencies and, you guessed it… experiencing ringing ears.

Hearing a high-pitched frequency or vibration can also indicate the presence of your spirit guides, angels, as well as other spiritual beings. Another spiritual explanation for hearing a hum, high-pitched frequency or buzz in your ear not tied to the physical, is that it is the voice of God.

Tracking Down a Continuous Beeping Sound in House

In other words, you may be momentarily tuning into the sound of the Universe and the Source vibration that calls All That Is into being. The tone Aum is said to be the vibration of the Divine, and many meditators, spiritual seekers, and ascending initiates, me included have heard this Divine hum during or after meditation.

This tone is often heard in the right ear, and can happen spontaneously as well as during or after meditation. If this happens to you, enjoy it! Take it as a good sign, and an opportunity to increase your present moment awareness even more… God presence is awaiting you, tune in! As you may or may not be aware, our planet, and actually the entire universe is experiencing an ascension process… Without going too in depth here, ascension is the process of increasing and raising frequency.

This is happening on a planetary, personal, and collective level. Click here to learn more about ascension! Hearing vibrations or high-pitched frequencies offers a sort of signal that this change is happening. The high-pitched frequency or vibration you are hearing may also offer validation and seve as a sort of indication that the ascension process, including activating and upgrading your DNA is taking place.

Ascension happens in waves. And since the ascension process is happening throughout our solar system, and is tied to our solar system relocating to the center of the galaxy, there are quite frequently waves of ascension energy pouring onto the planet to further elevate the vibration and carry out the ascension shift. But sometimes hearing tones and ringing may actually signify interference from non-physical, or even extraterrestrial entities.

Usually when this is the case the tone is in the right ear, and not the left.Ask a Question Here are the questions asked by community members. Read on to see the answers provided by the ThriftyFun community or ask a new question.

I hear a beeping sound in my home. There is exactly one beep every minute and it's driving me crazy. This has been going on for the past days. I first thought of the smoke detectors, so I reached the ceiling and unplugged the smoke detectors from the wall and removed the batteries from them, but no luck.

high pitched beep in house

I then turned off all the circuit breakers and I still hear the beeping sound. I checked all my electronic stuff, but still could not find the source. Did any one have similar problem and were you able to track it down? By suresh from Durham, NC. Our computer beeps when the power has been off.

Anyway my husband resets it some how. Beleive me he is the computer person in this family. Check everything that has a battery. Clocks, watches cell phones, house phones. Something is telling you it has a low battery. I had an old digital thermometer that did it for weeks before I found it! It happened to me a few years ago, turned out to be the smoke detector. I had done the same as you did, pulled it down, removed the battery but it still beeped.

Apparently, you have to put your finger over the "testing" thing on the unit and that completely discharges it. Advertisement It freaked me out at the time because I new it wasn't connected to anything!

Good luck, cheers.I hear a strange, high-pitched, two-toned, single 'beep' sound in my house. I can't tell where it is coming from, although it seems like it is coming from the kitchen or the basement. I think it goes about every 30 minutes but it seems variable I haven't timed it. I have checked the batteries in all my electronics and this doesn't seem to be the problem.

Please help; it is driving me insane!

high pitched beep in house

In the last house I lived in there was a hard wired smoke detector that was covered up by a drop ceiling in the basement. When that thing needed a new backup battery, I took down about fifteen tiles before I found the darn thing! It could also be a carbon monoxide detector that needs a new battery.

Check all your outlets next to your furnace as that is where they are typically found. One last idea, if you have a radon emissions system Hope you find that annoying beep!!

Could it be that the batteries are dead in your smoke detectors? Mine make a chirping noise every 15 minutes or so when the batteries are starting to fizzle.

If I heard a wierd beeping sound at that hour i'd recommend you look on the horizon. Some dishwashers beep if the door is opened mid-cycle, and not re-closed within a short time. I was in my brother-in-law's house once while they were out, and it took me an hour to figure out where the beep was coming from. Answer Save.

Carbon Monoxide detector battery. Foff Lv 5. Jeanbug Lv 6. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer.

high pitched beep in house

HyperDog Lv 7. Change your battery in your smoke alarm. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.

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